Outdoor storageBoat Storage

$70 a month  – some exclusions apply

Indoor Summer Trailer Storage

$70 a month + 1 hr hauling charge for hauling to and from the storage building.

This service is meant for people with docks that don’t use their trailers, not people actively using their boats. Building is non accessible to customer.

Indoor winter storage goes from Oct 1- Apr 30 – Includes hauling to and from storage facility

Single Axle Boats, $850

Double Axel Boats, $950

Triple Axel  Boats or Boats Longer than 23ft, $ 1,200

There is a 9 ft height restriction  for boats.  Wakeboard towers that can be put down are ok.  All prices include hauling to and from Leeper’s Marine in the  fall and spring. Storage building is sealed, isolated, locked and clean, but NOT heated.  Boats must be winterized and cleaned before storage. If you need help with winterization of cleaning please call us today to schedule an appointment.

Remember, we also offer marine and horse trailer repair and maintenance services!